Fish Food – 3mm Floating

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Originally this product was available only to larger commercial growers, now it is available in smaller quantities to suit growers of all sizes. This product contains 50% protein to ensure fast growth of fish. This fish feed is for trout, silverperch, catfish, goldfish and cichlids. This product is recommended for fish that are between 60g to 120g.

Ingredients: Fish meal, animal protein meal, plant protein meal, wheat, fish oil, poultry oil, vegetable oil, vitamins, minerals.

Please watch our movie how to correctly feed your fish and if you use this fish food pellet to feed trouts please download our feeding table by clicking the following link: “Feed table for trouts

We sell this product in either 1kg, 2.5kg or 20kg packs. If you are interested in purchasing some fish feed from us please contact us via the Contact Us page or finish your order below.

Fish Food composition

Fish food waste (input for plants)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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1kg, 2.5kg, 20kg

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