THE ART OF AQUAPONICS (digital aquaponics manual)


More than just technical information, the purpose of this manual is to transmit the aquaponics concept and to spread the mindset of aquaponics that is sometimes missed by beginners. We will see through this book that aquaponics is indeed a fantastic way to produce healthy food in synergy with nature. It simply stimulates natural cycles in order to produce green and ecofriendly food. Aquaponics is part of permaculture where the food is created with nature and never against nature. With this book, we offer you a technique to produce food easily in your own backyard, without any pesticides and all year round. Eden Park is actually still a reality accessible to anyone who is able to live in contact with nature, to understand the natural ecosystems and to use them for their own advantage. More than simple responses to specific questions, this book aims to show you the way of reflection to find the best path to success in food production.



This complete aquaponics guide is composed of the following sections:
• What is Aquaponics?
• Aquaponics functions and effects
• Different kinds of aquaponics systems
• Different parts of grow-bed aquaponics system
• Commercial large scale setup
• What size system to start with?
• Nitrogen Cycle, Cycle your system
• Bacteria and media
• Clean your media
• Test the water parameters:
• Test your water:
• Oxygen in Aquaponics
• O2 Overview
• O2 Measurement
• O2 Management
• Temperature
• Select the adapted source of water
• Tap water
• Rainwater
• Well water
• Stream/river/pond/lake water
• Power source
• Select the right species
• Fish species
• Fish anatomy
• Feed your fish
• Fish food consumption projection
• Distribution method
• Frequency of distribution
• How to plant vegetables and acclimate fish into your setup
• Plant vegetables and acclimate fish into your setup
• Plant new vegetables
• Acclimate new fish
• Keep your fish tank clean with the siphon in aquaponics
• Growbed cleanup.
• Fish disease in aquaponics
• How to avoid vegetables chlorosis
• Manage plants bolting
• Protect your crop (pest management)
• Harvest and consume your crop
• Cost and maintenance of your aquaponics setup
• Common aquaponics mistakes
• Frequently asked questions
• Research projects
• Sustainability label


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