Ecoflex Tomato


The Tomato Ecoflex aquaponics system is a very aesthetic setup equipped with a one square meter growbed and a maximum fish biomass capacity of 5.5kg that will allow you to grow a variety of fish in your backyard. It is made from Cypress and Merbau, both sourced from a local mill on the Mornington Peninsula. All our aquaponics systems come with a pump and can either come with or without growbed media. For specifications please view the Additional Information below.

We are unable to sell aquaponics setup through the website, if you are interested in purchasing an aquaponics system please use the Contact Us page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



Aquaponics system Tomato Ecoflex

Additional information



Growbed surface

90cm X 120cm

Growbed volume

288 Litres

Fish tank volume

550 Litres

Maximum fish biomass



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