Hello sustainable growers! Here is an aquaponics garden update. I am just back from holidays and my aquaponics setup is a real jungle. In this ecofriendly and sustainable ecosystem following the principles of permaculture the vegetables are growing organically and produce abundant food even when I am away! The mint is very healthy and growing like crazy over the other plants and I really need to trim it back in order to give some light to the other plants. The tomato is also shooting from the sides and I need to remove all the suckers in order to avoid a real bush to grow on the setup. I can’t even see the growbed media anymore. The idea is to share the sunlight between the different vegetables. I hope you enjoy the aquaponics tips and hacks to boost your aquaponics garden that will lead you towards self-sufficiency and urban homesteading. The aim is also to offer a support for aquaponics beginners and advanced levels. In this video you will learn how to harvest vegetables, how to grow tomato in aquaponics, how to trim and manage tomato side shoots. Please like and share the video and don’t forget to get your free gift.

Melbourne Aquaponics is your channel for Aquaponics tips and Gardening following permaculture principles. Strong of both Gardening and aquaculture qualification and experience, Jonathan Martinetto “#MelbourneAquaponics” shares with aquaponics beginners and advanced levels in order to spread sustainable food production techniques all over the planet. Everyone is capable of producing healthy and natural food at home.