Aquaponics can produce wonderful vegetables and fish with minimal efforts. Once you understand the basics and are able to build and manage your aquaponics ecosystem it can seem very simple and easy. We must keep in mind that fish can take several years to grow which means that you must provide an adapted living environment to your ecosystem at all time. If for a few hours you have a problem into your aquaponics system and your water parameters are out of the fish requirements then you will lose your fish and therefore years of effort (without talking about the trauma of losing poor fish in terrible conditions). Most of us are very focus on water quality and check the water parameters frequently, making sure the oxygen level is acceptable, the ammonia and nitrite are at the lowest and the nitrate is below an acceptable limit. The temperature is also a major factor, you must make sure the species you elect will be able to go through summer and winter extremes. The largest fish killer I have ever seen after many years in the aquaculture/aquaponics industry is power outage. It can have two causes, the first one can be independent from your setup for example a power outage affecting a particular area including your neighbourhood. In general this type of power outage doesn’t last for too long (depending on the country you live in) and the ecosystem including the fish is able to survive. The largest problem is coming from the poor electric settings from your house to your aquaponics system. Too many times we see indoor plugging systems used. This equipment is definitely not adapted to be outside, the first rain would become a massive hazard as it could create a short circuit. If you have an aquaponics setup plugged on such equipment please invest in waterproof plugging wires adapted to be used outdoor. This little investment will save the life of your fish. Don’t compare your aquaponics ecosystem to a dam, a lake or a river where the ecosystem is adapted to the environment and relying on natural phenomenon such as rain and water falls to maintain good water parameters. Most of the time in Aquaponics our ecosystem is relying on the water pump and air pump. Unless you have low densities of very hardy fish such as catfish and carps that are adapted to low oxygen concentration, your fish will die if the power turns of for several hours. This is a huge problem and a giant risk. The best way to succeed in aquaponics is by eliminating all hazards. This one is an easy win 🙂