The world needs more nature lovers like my friend Costa and you!! We hope to inspire you to plant more vegetables and trees in your garden. As you know, they create a unique atmosphere. Each vegetable planted is one step further towards self-efficiency and sustainability. While each one of us can improve our own life with green nature, together we will make the changes needed to preserve the planet and its biodiversity. With aquaponics, we offer you an easy way to manage a small-scale ecosystem. It will bring you healthy and tasty food with a total respect for the environment, preserving resources, your time and your body. It will avoid having to transport the food thousands of kilometers before reaching your plate. The best vegetables are those that are grown locally and that never see the fridge. Healthy food must go directly from the garden to the plate, where it offers you all the vitamins that a well grown vegetable contains. The food offered by the supermarkets is too often deficient in nutrients, as such many people feel the need to absorb vitamin supplements in the form of powders or peels to fulfill our physiological needs. Real food, produced with a genuine respect for nature will fulfill all your bodily needs, improve your mental health and increase your passion for life! By growing your own food you also send a political message to a society that is always trying to sell more without caring about the quality and the environment. Taking care of an ecosystem reconnects us with nature and time, living in the present moment at 100% in a society where we often forget to take the time to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature that is all around us. The secret of happiness also lies in the garden. So we wish you exultation with aquaponics, as we believe that every setup is a seed of happiness that can change your life! 

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