Aquaponics Training Course


If you are thinking of starting your own aquaponic system or you simply want to learn more about this wonderful topic you can book one of our 3 hours aquaponics courses.

Our hands on course will allow you to understand:

  • What is Aquaponics? Including an overview of:
    • System explanation.
    • Different parts of a system.
    • Interaction between the different parts.
    • Ecosystem management.
  • What production is possible in the Melbourne area:
    • Fish
    • Vegetables
  • How to test and maintain a healthy aquaponics system including:
    • Testing the water.
    • Cleaning the system.
    • Feeding the fish.

The number of students per course is very limited in order to increase the interaction and have a more personal approach to the topic. If you have any questions or concerns about this course please contact us through the Contact Us page.