This video is mainly dedicated to you, who have interested in aquaponics but don’t have enough confidence to start yet. Or, if you have begun aquaponics and faced challenges.

Aquaponics is not as complicated, as many perceive or think of it. All that matters is proper guideline based on practical examples given to you.

Out of simple mistakes, most beginners tend to lose a lot of fish just as they begin.

Common among these mistakes are;

  • Selection of the wrong species,
  • An imbalance between the quantity of fish and bacteria available
  • Designing and constructing wrong

So in today’s video, I want to give you the base upon which to start and succeed in aquaponics.

Its short and precise yet contains all the nitty grits involved and required for successful setup and management of an aquaponics system.

All you will need to do is learn the principle, of Nitrogen cycle while building solid knowledge on the following;

  • Fish biology
  • Plant biology
  • Bacteria biology (balance fish/ bacteria – grow bed)
  • Water parameters
  • Aquaponics design

Comment and let me know of your points of struggles when it comes to aquaponics, the challenges or any addiction.

Otherwise, here is a quick guideline on beginning this farming practice.

  1. Acquire the needed equipment (tanks, pumps, pipes)
  2. Build your setup following the critical ratios (fish tank twice the size of the grow-bed)
  3. Add the selected media
  4. Add water and fish food in the fish tank
  5. Follow the nitrogen cycle, to test your water
  6. Bring in plants and fish

Welcome here! If you are new, you will probably be interested to discover Jonathan’s six steps to build and manage an Aquaponics system. Click here to access for free!  Thanks and good reading..:)