Hello Aquaponics growers! Growing food at home is amazing! We all enjoy harvesting a super fresh, healthy and tasty food from our backyard but what about the aesthetic of your setup? Is your aquaponics system nicely integrated into your backyard? Does your partner/wife/family/friends find it nice? If you are like most of the aquaponics beginners I know, it’s probably not the case…
That’s ok we have all been there 🙂 at the beginning we all focus on the efficiency of the setup and forget a bit the general style of this oasis.
I like to see my Aquaponics setup as the Eden Garden. It produces amazing food without pain. All leaving creatures are growing together in harmony. The notion of beauty is actually very important. The aim is to build a styled aquaponics setup. A real feature in your backyard, such a good looking ecosystem that the whole family can be proud of it 🙂
Even if you are not very sensible about the style of your setup, it can be very strategic to focus on it…Indeed, your family is maybe not as much passionate about aquaponics as you are. If your setup is made of plastic, iron and pipes everywhere, your wife will soon ask you “when are you going to get rid of this ugly thing in our backyard?”. It may create tensions and will certainly not help you to build a new and larger setup…
In order to make everyone happy and to be proud of our aquaponics system we must focus on a few points to improve the general look of the setup.

Natural materials
My first recommendation is to use natural elements. Avoid plastic, metals and visible pipes. Try to build your setup from wood, bamboo…I know it’s not always the cheapest option but the visual impact will be huge! If you can’t afford it you can try to recycle old wood as long as it’s natural and in good shape. The wood need to be hard and to resist to the constant moisture. Stay away from treated woods as heavy metals are used and they would be a real source of poison for the ecosystem and the food produced.
If your setup is already built you still have the option to hide the “ugly parts” such as plastic and metal frames. You can do that by using natural elements such as wood or hessian fabric. It is a very cheap and easy option and will significantly improve the general look of your setup.
I hope the above helps you,
Feel free to send me your design pictures (before and after). And let me know in the comment what type of materials you are using to build your aquaponics setup. 🙂