Some things may seem quite intuitive when you begin aquaponics. However, the more you gain experience, the better you get to understand the existent of numerous harmful effects present in your ecosystem.

Here is the list of the five things you should strictly avoid.

Aquaponics farm

Grow one type of crop

The general food production system grows food in monoculture (which means only one species of the plant is grown). Naturally, you always find different species living together, and the balance in ecosystem still exists. In aquaponics, we are working with natural principles, and we, therefore, must respect the natural balance.

If you grow only one crop at high density, then expect to face some problems such as pest invasion. Growing a multitude of crops avoid the pest to multiply and spread on the rest of the plant sections. Furthermore, it will afford an appropriate biotope to an extensive range of predators ready to regulate the pest population.

Spray your system

It is so much frustrating witnessing pest invasion at your farm especially when you have dedicated all your effort towards the growth of it. Most people in this situation consider spraying the crop with pesticides to get rid of the insects.

Unfortunately, this practice will generally damage the bacteria population and can lead to much more severe complications. Why? If you respect vast biodiversity in the variety of plants you are growing, the number of predators present in the setup will quickly take care of the issue.

Feed fish while on holiday

If you are not around your system and therefore not able to react in case of an issue such as stopping of water supply to the fish tank, the best thing to do is cut off the food supply.

Leaving an automatic feeder on top of your fish tank while on holiday would ultimately trigger interruptions in the biological filtration process in case the pump stops. Thus, when some fish food still continuous coming in the fish tank, the toxicity of the fish tank will increase killing the fish. Avoid this mistake by just leaving your fish without food while you go on holiday.

Pushing the system too much

Every structure is designed and able to accept maximum fish biomass. Meaning, there is a limit regarding the quantity of fish, which needs to be in a particular section or else, there will be a significant risk of killing all of them as a result of water toxicity.

Use of an oversized water pump

Designing a better aquaponics system calls for installation of the right size water pump, to begin with. In the free 6 step process aquaponics guide, we explain ways of choosing appropriate ones for any of your setup.

In a flood and drain grow bed, you must ensure it is capable enough to supply sufficient oxygen for your bacteria. An air pump can provide the oxygen of the fish (in the fish tank).

Most beginners equip their system with a massive pump thinking it’s better for the fish. Unfortunately, the large pump consumes an extra power which makes it noneconomical to run the farm.

Avoiding all the points mentioned above offers you a lee-way over 60% of potential concerns likely to affect your farming.

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